Those are the questions I guess I’ll be answering this quarter. I know that I want to learn to use code. I know I want to study code and its influence on urbanism. I wanted to investigate mixed-realities. But as of now my direction has been altered…


This is the new direction. This new direction make me uneasy. I spent the majority of the summer studying, reading, and preparing for three quarters of continued research and investigation into mixed-realities. Oh how things can change, within the past month the thesis year was reduced from three quarters to two, with the first quarter being replaced with another design studio and dedicated thesis research class. The topic design studio in which I am enrolled has somehow become my thesis…

My biggest fear is that this new direction loses my interest, simply for the fact that I don’t feel like I have very much ownership in it’s current direction, aside from the fact that I want to learn to code. During my mechanical engineering masters thesis I was researching for my professor rather than for myself… It became monotonous and dull, I wasn’t interested…. After 75% of the way through the program I walked away from my assistantship and the degree to do what I wanted through architecture… I don’t want to get into that situation again.


Agency… Agency… Agency, a term I was only vaguely familiar with a week ago is now apparently going to be the focus of my research for this quarter…

In Steven Johnson’s Emergence I read how Johnson and others in fields separate from architecture had been studying the emergent behavior of agent based systems, i.e. ant, bees, brain, cities. These agents, as I have come to understand them, are simply entities that have the ability to decide and (inter)act.


But the question I have to figure out is, HTF do I use them?

The suggested method to answer said question is to study-study-study CODE and AGENCY, and the application and the problem will present themselves….



…Now to get back to my processing tutorials…


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