Thought I would give an update on my experience with processing and agency. After 10+ hours of tutorials this past weekend my confidence in becoming well versed in code is fairly high. Gabriel taught us how to begin to think about the problem and understanding the process of building on small steps in order to solve it. After two afternoons of building upon the solution, the problem was solved… autonomous entities that react not only to the boundaries of their world (added by myself to code Gabriel fixed from our in class example), but also to each other. They react with each other by tracking one another, calculating the distance and velocity of their peers, and respond to those peers that enter defined reaction or repulsion zones.

Below are some images after tonight’s beautification of the code.

1000 agents — 20 pxl attraction range — 10 pxl repulsion range

1000 agents — 5 pxl attraction range — 20 pxl repulsion range


  • Always make it beautiful
  • Take things one step at a time (or don’t get ahead of yourself)
  • You need to be saved from yourself
  • It’s easier to learn than unlearn
  • You’ve got a lot to do




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